Service Training

The hotel sector is “the ultimate people business”

Service Training is undoubtedly a key aspect of the Boutique Hotel sector. Luxury Boutiques need to provide a high level of service which is not just “personalized service”. It is instead, “discreet & intimate personalized service” that anticipates and understands guests’ needs in an unobtrusive manner. Boutique Hotels invest greatly on the tangible product and forget the investment required to make the intangible product, which is key to the Boutique business. Service makes the difference between a very nice hotel and a memorable one that a guest leaves, wanting to return… Our Training is designed for both management and front-line staff. The series incorporates role-playing, team building exercises, video filming and critiquing, as well as developing recovery service scenarios with potential solutions.

The areas of discreet &  personalized service training includes;                                                                                       

• A hands-on Manager
• Personality – an Emotionally Intelligent and Spirited Staff
• Check-in/Checkout – welcoming a guest, staying focussed, minimizing delays
• Discreet Service at all front line levels (Front Office, F&B, House Keeping etc)
• Know your guest BEFORE they check in
• Observe, don’t presume
• Distinctive luxury travel essentials complementing the theme of the Boutique/Villa
• ‘Magic Service’
• Knowing their terrain – complete mastery of the hotel and locale
• Expolore experiences, unique to the hotel’s location and concept
• Team work
• Follow-up